Here's what people are saying about Amazon lawyer Kenneth Eade:


"Kenneth is amazing.  He is always accessible 24 hrs.  He was able to reinstate my Amazon account.  I highly recommend him for your Amazon needs.  Thank you, Kenneth.  Great job!"
Wendy Kahn


"I contacted quite a few IP lawyers when my listing was suspended by Amazon due to IP infringement.  During the intial free consultations, most of the  lawyers focused on talking about their fee.  Only Kenneth listened to my problem and asked intelligent questions to probe which angle to approach the issues.  He then explained my options in detail.  He is always available on live chat and very quick to answer his email.  I normally don't like paying money to a lawyer, but in this case, it was the best $500 I have ever spent in my life.  I had my listing reinstated within three hours after he sent an email to the party who was claiming infringement.  I highly recommend Kenneth if you have any issues related to account or listing suspension."

Nampol Wimolpitayarat


"My Amazon account was suspended and I didn't know how to present a good plan of action.  I tried to communication with the Seller Performance Team many times but I got no response.  Kenneth Eade helped me to solve my problems with Amazon.  I am satisfied with his services."

Mahir Sogut


"After six years of being suspended and trying several times on my own, Ken was able to get my account back.  Very happy!"

Andre Garcia



"Five-star super attorney.  He was able to get my Amazon account reinstated within days.  Kenneth was always available 24 hours.  I highly recommend him for your Amazon issues.  Thank you, Kenneth."

Tina Fernandez



"My Amazon account was suspended for two months.  After only 72 hours, Amazon reinstated my account.  Thank you!"

Fanki Tjoeng



"I contacted Kenneth through because I had a problem with my Amazon account being suspended due to copyright issues. He contacted me back within the hour and accepted my case. I thought this was a difficult case because Amazon is very strict when it comes to infringement issues but Kenneth got to work right away.  He reviewed all the details and produced an appeal that was spot on.  We had some back and forth but in the end the result was an open account again.  I was extremely happy that I went this rout and contacted him and I think that anyone that does will have as good of a chance as any.  So if your account has issues don't hesitate to give Kenneth a buzz. He will work hard for you through all your set backs."

Ray Belser



"Kenneth is very knowledgeable and experienced with reinstatement of listings and other amazon account issues. He is always available, responsive and very efficient. He deals with you personally. He was able to get my listing reinstated. I would highly recommend him to anyone. His fee is very reasonable as compared to other lawyers who do not deal personally with you. Thank you Kenneth! I can confidently say that I could not get better service than what Kenneth provided. He really cares.  He was outstanding."  



"Absolutely life-saving service from Ken!  When you Amazon listing goes down, he is the person to help you our, write a compelling and professional appeal that works.  In my case, within an hour, the listing was back up, really amazing!  Kenneth is easy to work with, professional, and knows his stuff!  I recommend him highly!"

Merav Knafo, Indonesia



"Kenneth is very knowledgegable and experienced with reinstatement of listings and other Amazon account issues.  He is always available, responsive and very efficient.  He deals with you personally.  He was able to get my listing reinstated.  I would highly recommend him to anyone.  Thank you, Kenneth!"

Tanya Peterson


"What a wonderful experience!  I contacted Kenneth over 4th of July weekend and got a very fast response in spite of it being a holiday, and the next morning I had received an early morning email asking for information about my situation so he could get started.  In several hours Kenneth had what I needed to submit to Amazon and they quickly reverse their decision and once again allowed me to start selling again.  Thank you so much, Kenneth"

Michael Belfield


"Unbelievable service!  Full support from beginning to end!  Always available for consultation throughout the whole appeal process!  Highly recommended!"

Ilan Levitin


"Amazon suspended one of my listings due to a misunderstanding on what does and does not require FDA approval.  I tried to present evidence to seller performance and got nowhere.  At that point, I called Kenneth for help getting my listing back.  He immediately worked out a plan of action and a formal email for escalation to Jeff Bezos.  Within a couple of weeks I got my listing back.  Can't thank you enough, Kenneth!"

Martha Daisley


"Ken Eade helped me get my Amazon account and listing back online after a competitor filed a bogus inauthenticity complaint.  Ken is very knowledgeable about how Amazon works and how to respond to Seller Performance.  He is accessible (always returns calls and emails) and his rates are reasonable."

Jeffrey Sanders


"Kenneth's response was quick and I got what I needed to remove the negative notification."

Julie Thibbs


"Kenneth helped us get out of a very tricky situation with our Amazon seller account.  He is very knowledgeable of all situations that can happen with your seller account.  He knows how to write an appeal that will get your problem resolved in no time.  He is so easy to work with, incredibly fast in responding and no question goes unanswered.  He's a pleasure to work with!"

Kristi Guyer


"Kenneth was awesome and will highly recommend him to anyone who needs his service.  He was always nice and responded so quickly, even at 2 am, 3 am, and so on.  Our case was a little challenging but he fought for us like a champ and won.  We are now making money again for our family.  The best of all about his service is he doesn't charge you an arm and a leg like the other companies wanted to.  Thanks Kenneth for everything, we owe you big time."

Shaun Cameron


"My Amazon account was suspended and i was in a total shock, never thought it could happen. I started to search for a good lawyer to help me.A lot of companies wanted crazy money, plus they told me they would make 3 attempts, after that it would cost me even more and more....i found Kenneth , he was very reasonable as far as pricing, very knowledgeable and personable on a phone. I gave him a shot. He always answered every question i had, every email i sent, there was no limited attempts. He went with me till the end and my account was reinstated." 

Yana Nickels


"I am impressed with the service that this attorney provided. My Amazon account was not accessible and he made it accessible in a short amount of time. Highly recommended!! Thanks again! If we again have a problem in future we will look up to him. It was very hard for us to wait but he did it as quick as possible. Plus very trust worthy indeed. If you are having a problem with the account I recommend this guy! It doesn't take a lot of time for him to fix the account. Every penny was worth it!!!!!"



"After getting my account suspended and trying desperately to get it back myself which I couldn't, I searched everywhere for information on how to get my amazon account back. Fortunately I came across Ken's website! It was perfect timing, I emailed him immediately and within the hour he got back to me regarding my issue very promptly. Ken explained everything in detail to me on how he would be able to get my account back with such confidence. Ken exceeded all my expectations and delivered on what he promised. He was able to handle my appeal in a very much needed professional way and he got the suspension on my account lifted less than 2 weeks! Now I am able to continue my online business due to the skill and professionalism that ken brought to the table. If you're in need of help with your amazon account and want to get it back, I highly recommend Ken. He will deliver. A++."

Sandra Zepeda


"Kenneth was very knowledgeable and generous with his advice.  I am going to recommend his services to anyone in my situation.  My Amazon seller account is as healthy as before and Kenneth played a key role in that."



"Unbelievable.  Kenneth helped me for reintsatement of my seller account. I was totally hopeless and thinking I couldn't sell on Amazon forever but Kenneth came as an angel so that I can sell on Amazon and one more thing -- he is available 24/7 for help.  He is highly recommended.  Thanks again!



"My case was a very difficult case which I already had given as almost impossible to solve.  I though I was never going to be able to sell on Amazon again.  But Kenneth did it for me.  He is also a true gentleman and answers your email ASAP."



"I was reinstated after almost a year of suspension!  Thank you very much!"



"What was good about this product or service overall?  I have the best seller product which is my main income, then Amazon hijacked my listing.  I tried to solve it myself but seems I got a dead end and needed help badly.  I contacted Kenneth and same day I got all what he request to start the work, it was simple.  The second day I found many emails sent out and Amazon responded fast, he mentioned that 1-3 weeks is required to finish it but guess what? It took 4 days to clear it and was perfect.  I would definitely work with him again and would suggest you to work with him as well.  Could anything have been better?  Fast response, Easy chat, taking my case as if its his own problem, said 1-3 weeks and solved in 4 days , it can never get better.  How was the support?  100% satisfied, and i suggest him for anyone, Thanks Kenneth"

Bebo, China

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"I spoke to Kenneth and he gave me a free consultation first to see if he could do it.  He said he could, I paid, next day I got my first POA.  Amazon declined it, he redid it for me and got reinstated.  Highly, highly recommended."

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"Unbelievable.  Kenneth helped me for reinstatement of my seller account.  I was totally hopeless and thinking that I couldn't sell on Amazon forever, but Kenneth came as an angel so that I can sell on Amazon and one more thing -- he is available 24/7 for help.  He is highly recommended."

Saurabh Gunjal, India


"My Amazon account was suspended and he had me up and running again in a little over 24 hours.  He was also very responsive and changed the appeal a few times based on my feedback."

Belinda Berryhill


"Mr. Eade was very informative and assisted me in having my Amazon Seller Account reinstated.  It was within a matter of two days max and it was reinstated with no questions asked!  I highly recommend his services!  I'm very glad I contacted him.  He gave me much of his time explaining everything about the process.  I can't believe it only took two days.  I had been trying for months to contact the seller performance team with no response from them at all.  It was definitely worth his fee to have my account reinstated.  Thank you!"  

Ariel Liss


"Kenneth has been great, very responsive and extremely knowlegeable in this area.  You definitely need Kenneth on your side when dealing with Amazon Seller Performance.  I know that without the help that Kenneth was able to give I would not have stood a chance at getting my Amazon account open again.  Anyone looking for help in this area should not even think twice about contacting Kenneth.  I would recommend him to anyone who has been unfortunate enough to have had to go through a similar situation with Amazon."

John Hart, Australia


"Got my account suspended for authenticity and safety claims.  Tried writing the POA myself, got nowhere.  You need professional help.  Looked around for a laywer and spoke to a few.  Then spoke to Kenneth and he gave me a free consultation to see if he can do it.  He said he could, I paid, the next day I got my first POA.  Amazon declined it, he redid it for me and got reinstated.  Highly, highly recommended."

Mark Bwowy


"Kenneth Eade helped get one of my products unblocked after I had run into some issues with a patent troll.  Kenneth was always quick to respond to all of my questions and we worked out a methodical strategy on how to deal with the situation.  I would wholeheartedly recommend him to any Amazon seller."

Sebastian Hauer


"Kenneth was an exceptional attorney.  He was extremely consise, professional and quick to respond to emails.  I would higher recomend him to those who happen to encounter issues with their Amazon accounts."

Tzachi Damon


"I am impressed with the service that this attorney provided.  My Amazon account was locked and he made it reinstated very fast.  If we have any problem in the future, we will look up to him.  Thanks for the help!"

Maqbool Zacon


"With Kenneth's help we had our listing up and running in two days!  Compared to another service that took 7 days until they got me the first POA."

Kirsten Martin


"Great job, was with me every step of the way until my account was reinstated.  Highly recommended."

David Kassin


"You made my life easy!  Recommended."

Sha Jee, Caprican


"What was good about this product or service overall? Communication is outstanding! 
My account has been reinstated all my money is being transferred into my account and I can now begin to sell products again on to customers nationwide to bring in income for my family!  Could anything have been better?  Not really. On his part there is nothing that needs improvement but on Amazon's part all needs to be better they are ridiculous!  How was the support? Support was great He really does do what He says He will do!"

Daniel Matthew Gullick

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"What was good about this product or service overall?  Great communication.  Could anything have been better?  All perfect.  How was the support?  It was unbelievably quick and my account got reinstated.   I’m very grateful to you and your help."

Faiza, United Kingdom

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