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"I reached Amazon Sellers Attorney after my account had been suspended for more than three months.  Kenneth and his team with their professionalism in writing plans of action and the right communication successfully reinstated the account.  Just smooth and perfect are the right words to describe the whole situation."
Eugene Bossi, Source: Google
"I was very upset to learn that my Amazon business had been shut down and had no idea what to do.  After speaking with Kenneth I knew he was the person who could get my business back.  He answered all my questions and gave me the confidence to move forwards.  I am glad to say that my business is back up and running and I highely recommend working with Kenneth."
Matt Passin, source: Google
"Very quick response and very professional.   Highly recommended."
Tony Siena (Source: Google)
"After our account was suspended by Amazon, I tried myself to get it reinstated with no luck.  I contacted Kenneth and his team.  They drafted an appeal.  I sent it through and my account was reinstated!  Best move I ever made!  Kenneth and his team are the best!!  Recommended A+++"
Nick Stocking, Source: Google
"I received a fantastic and professional service from Kenneth Eade when my seller account was suspended and reinstated in less than 24 hours after submitting my appeal.  Thank you so much Kenneth for saving me from my sleepless nights.  Folks, if your seller account has been suspended and you have appealed yourself without success then definitely email the details to Kenneth to see if he can help and if he says yes then just pay the fees and go for it!  Good Luck!!
Adwoa Boateng (source: Google)
"After our listing on Amazon was blocked, we were trying to reinstate it for two weeks with no results.  So, we found Kenneth on the Internet.  His response was prompt and all communication was professional and very helpful.  If it wasn't for his help, we wouldn't have reinstated our listing by ourselves.  Thanks to Kenneth and his team for quickly resolving our problem and we will certainly keep his contact in case we need him again.  We highly recommend Kenneth and his team at Amazon Sellers Attorney."rnas Puidokas (Source: Google)
"Kenneth is very easy to work with. Replies back very quickly and answers any questions you have for him. My Amazon account was suspended and I was under a lot of stress. Amazon support was making things very complicated. He prepared an outstanding appeal which resulted in my account being reinstated! I would highly recommend his service! His pricing is very reasonable and well worth the service he provides! At first I was having very mixed feelings about hiring an amazon attorney being my first time but now I understand that having legal representation is crucial for a successful Amazon business."
Amir Mughal
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"I don't even know where to start with how great Kenneth is. We had a tricky suspension on dating back almost 3 years, and had tried with a couple of other people to get it reinstated to no avail. As a last ditch attempt, we hired Kenneth and it all got fixed.  A VERY prompt service and great attention to detail - which is just what you need when dealing with Amazon. I can't recommend highly enough!"
Mark Norton, UK
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"Kenneth is amazing.  He is always accessible 24 hrs.  He was able to reinstate my Amazon seller account.  I highly recommend him for your Amazon needs.  Thank you, Kenneth.  Great job!"
Wendy Kahn


"Never had any problems in my Amazon account and when it happened I contacted this attorney fix my isse.  When we started the conversation I said "This is crazy.  I don't know if that issue is going to be fixed, and I had only 17 days."  They fixed my issue, thank God and thanks to Mr. Kenneth Eade, who is good for any Amazon issue.  Highly recommended."

Sergio de la Cruz (Source: Google)


"We had an issue with product “used sold as new” and our account suspended. We have been selling for many years and have had this issue before and know its due to customer returned goods being put back into stock, even though we have the settings correct so this shouldn’t happen. Anyway we got as far as we could and then decided we needed professional help! I contacted Kenneth on a Saturday and we then submitted his revised plan on Tuesday and were immediately reinstated. Fantastic service! Then in typical Amazon fashion I received a call a week or so later and the whole suspension thing started again. I told them I had just gone through this but apparently they had no record. So I went back to Kenneth and he again revised the plan and we were reinstated again. If you have any problem with your Amazon account Kenneth Eade is the man to go to. Very reasonable pricing as well. Thanks again Kenneth."
Tony Jones, Thailand
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"I tried to appeal by myself and that was a big mistake.  I just made the situation worse.  Kenneth was extremely professional, helpful and very reactive.  I highly recommend him."

Jeremy Azoulay (Source: Google)


"I contacted Mr. Kenneth Eade on Tom Wang's recommendation, two weeks after one of my listings got suspended. For over two weeks I was trying to reinstate my listing with no success of all.  I wasn't prepared for a battle like this and I decided it's time to contact a lawyer. That's how I met Kenneth.  His response was prompt, and all communication was professional and very helpful. Kenneth is very calm and polite and he gave me the confidence in what he was doing. If it wasn't for his help, I wouldn't have reinstated my listing by myself. Great service Kenneth, thank you very much!"
John Connor, Romania
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"These guys are simply the best!"
Sam Katembela (Source: Google)


"We cannot say enough about the professionalism and responsiveness of Kenneth.  We've worked with Kenneth on an IP infringement case, where he was able to disprove the competitor's claim.  We've also worked with him on a complex delisting case and he was successful after a significant amount of work.  I would highly recommend Kenneth to my colleagues in the Amazon e-commerce business.  Great to have him on our team!"

John Spellman


"Please do not waste your time with anyone else if you want your seller account reinstated. My account was suspended January 2017. I wasted one year by different service provider who wrote just standard plan of action and everytime getting rejected. I then contact Ken, the genuine person who is a secret superstar. He is very helpful person. He was stand with me till my account reinstated. I really appreciate him. Pure person 100%."
Idrees Shah, UK
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"After more than 100 days suspended, I went back to selling on Amazon.  Thanks a lot to Kenneth.  It only took me a few days to go back to Amazon.  I never thought it would be that easy."
Abbie Xie

"I contacted quite a few IP lawyers when my listing was suspended by Amazon due to IP infringement.  During the intial free consultations, most of the  lawyers focused on talking about their fee.  Only Kenneth listened to my problem and asked intelligent questions to probe which angle to approach the issues.  He then explained my options in detail.  He is always available on live chat and very quick to answer his email.  I normally don't like paying money to a lawyer, but in this case, it was the best $500 I have ever spent in my life.  I had my listing reinstated within three hours after he sent an email to the party who was claiming infringement.  I highly recommend Kenneth if you have any issues related to account or listing suspension."

Nampol Wimolpitayarat


"My Amazon seller account was suspended and I didn't know how to present a good plan of action.  I tried to communication with the Seller Performance Team many times but I got no response.  Kenneth Eade helped me to solve my problems with Amazon.  I am satisfied with his services."

Mahir Sogut


"Amazon suspended my account due to IP infringement.  I did everything Amazon asked me to do to resolve the issue.  I even got the trademark holder to retract his complaint, and still had no success with Amazon.  They rejected all my appeals.  A friend of mine suggested to contact Kenneth online.  When I contacted him he was familiar with my issues, he replied fast to all my quesitons, and created a new plan of action for my case in less than two days and helped me to reinstate my account right on time for Q4.  I cannot thanks Kenneth Eade and Leito Guzman enough for their help."

Monem Dridi


"I suddenly found myself in a situation where I was suspended from Amazon. I tried to get myself reinstated but it was quite obvious very quickly that I was out of my depth. So I contacted a company that made huge promises and statements about how good they were at resolving Amazon disputes. However it unfortunately became clear that they were quite frankly incompetent. I decided to have one more attempt. Even though after my attempts and the other company's attempts. A considerable amount of damage had been done. Immediately I found Kenneth responsive and constructive with his assistance. After explaining the state of the case. Kenneth attacked it with Vigour and even though it still took several weeks of battling. Kenneth got me re-instated. I cannot speak highly enough of Kenneth’s service and after a number of failed attempts he is the only guy to deal with Amazon disputes!! Good Job!!"

Andrew Davies
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"After six years of being suspended and trying several times on my own, Ken was able to get my account back.  Very happy!"

Andres Garcia


"Went through the Amazon trial by fire as a Seller... Amazon Seller Performance Team suspended my account for dubious reasons, I tried to get re-instated on my own, but my plan and points made were ignored by Seller Performance. I needed help and began shopping around. I was impressed by Kenneth either always being available or having someone else available 24 hrs a day. He also clearly explained the plan and process and then helped craft a great plan (much more detailed than my own). I am truly thankful for his help and direction. Also, must admit, I am enjoying reading his books too! Don't know how he finds the time! Highly recommend his services."

Frank Staebe, Australia

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"Five-star super attorney.  He was able to get my Amazon selling account reinstated within days.  Kenneth was always available 24 hours.  I highly recommend him for your Amazon issues.  Thank you, Kenneth."

Tina Fernandez


"My Amazon seller account was suspended and I was on the edge of a big loss, but luckily I have found a real affordable attorney; Kenneth Eade helped me to get my account reinstated again. His service is very professional and he responds very fast. We didn’t know the reason for the suspension and Kenneth found it with the information we provided him. He escalated the communication and he solved the issue very smoothly. Knowledgable, friendly and trustable. I definitely recommend him! Save your money and time."
Ozan Atacan, Turkey
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"Please do not waste your time with anyone else if you want your Amazon account reinstated. We wasted one week on another service provider who wrote a sub standard plan of action that kept getting rejected. 
With all our funds tied up in our account and with our business in serious risk, we came across Kenneth’s site. Kenneth asked the right questions that enabled him to write a very detailed and thorough plan of action for our inauthenticity suspension that was specific to our business. Within a few days of hiring him, we were reinstated. 
Thank you so much Kenneth for your professionalism, prompt and courteous response and support during a very trying time for us. I highly recommend your services to anyone who is dealing with an Amazon suspension."
J. Gonzalez
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"Kenneth is super.  He's been helpful by doing so much more than his duty called for and resolved everything successfully.  I would reccomend anyone using his services.  His price is very reasonable.  You really get your money's worth using his services along with his asssitant who's on top of every little detail.  I have much appreciation for both of them."

Rachel Fisher


"Don't Bring a Knife to a Gunfight!  Amazon DOES NOT mess around with suspensions, violations and appeals. Make sure you call in the calvary i.e. Kenneth Eade who would provide you expert advice on what needs to be done in your situation. We had an issue with account suspension in which Kenneth drafted us a Plan of Action within his promise of 48 hrs (in our case it was over the weekend and he still rushed it out for us). Most importantly Kenneth was there all the way with us till we managed to get our account back. We attribute his advice to be 100% the reason why we were able to get our account reinstated. Thanks Kenneth for having our back. The fees charged are very reasonable and we would highly recommend his service. 5 Stars !!!
Daniel Lai, Singapore
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"Good Job!"
L.A. Soccer Shop (Source: Google)


"Kenneth helped me get my Amazon listing back.  He was very straightforward and easy to work with.  He set expectations and guided me through exactly what I needed to get my desired results.  He was successful with my case and, better yet, his fees were very fair.  Highly recommended and would work with Kenneth again!"

Lisa Kim


"The BEST person for the job for any problems on Amazon.  Reinstated my seller account with a few emails."

Amjid Mahmood, UK


"Kenneth and his team are professional, prompt, concise, thorough and relentless. I was initially worried about hiring anyone to submit an Amazon appeal but after I hired Ken, my worries were eased and I let them do their magic. My account was restored and I now have a better understanding of Amazon and their appeal process. I was kept abreast of all upcoming submissions and changes to make sure we followed all the proper protocol.  If you have been pinched by Amazon, don't even think about doing it yourself. Hire a real PRO!!!"
Penny Coons
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"My Amazon account was suspended for two months.  After only 72 hours, Amazon reinstated my account.  Thank you!"

Fanki Tjoeng


"I contacted Kenneth through because I had a problem with my Amazon account being suspended due to copyright issues. He contacted me back within the hour and accepted my case. I thought this was a difficult case because Amazon is very strict when it comes to infringement issues but Kenneth got to work right away.  He reviewed all the details and produced an appeal that was spot on.  We had some back and forth but in the end the result was an open account again.  I was extremely happy that I went this rout and contacted him and I think that anyone that does will have as good of a chance as any.  So if your account has issues don't hesitate to give Kenneth a buzz. He will work hard for you through all your set backs."

Ray Belser


"Kenneth was able to recover my Amazon account with ONE email.  To say I'm happy would be an understatement.  Thank you, Kenneth!"

Drew Spiegel


"Kenneth is very knowledgeable and experienced with reinstatement of listings and other amazon account issues. He is always available, responsive and very efficient. He deals with you personally. He was able to get my listing reinstated. I would highly recommend him to anyone. His fee is very reasonable as compared to other lawyers who do not deal personally with you. Thank you Kenneth! I can confidently say that I could not get better service than what Kenneth provided. He really cares.  He was outstanding."  



"I don't think there is anyone else better qualified for this job. I had aggressive hijackers taking over my listing and even blocking me out of my own listing. I tried dealing with this myself for over a month, and got to a point where I almost gave up because I was getting nowhere with them. Even hired someone else and paid her $300, with no results. 
I found Kenneth and he not only got rid of all hijackers, he managed to get my listing reinstated within 2-3 days. Had I used him from the beginning I would have saved a lot more money, time and frustration. 
"Everyone else says to just hire Kenenth if you have Amazon problems. Yeap... I second that. Just go ahead and work with him. Even it it might seem a bit expensive at first, trust me, he overdelivers.
Awesome communication, and the letters to Amazon were written in a very professional way. Those guys from Amazon seller performance team don't think they knew what hit them."
Romy Banicu, Romania
"My saviour to my Amazon account, made the account revived so quickly, after we tried more than 7 months with no where to go with amazon team. great appreciated and recommended.  We had been struggling with Amazon' every time when we called in after 40 mins wait, there was always some directions to lead nowhere, we felt so frustrated.  After being introduced by a friend of mine, Ken took over, took no time to give us direction and got a response from Amazon right away.  Now our store is open.  Cannot express enough thanks to him here."
Jack Wang
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"Mr. Eade, you did a wonderful job!  It was a pleasure doing business with you!"
Marc Burton
"Working with Kenenth Eade is hassle-free and highly effective.  Kenneth and his team got my account reinstated due to an affiliated acocunt within a month!  They were very responsive to my questions and their instructions on how to execute the plan were very neat, preceise and concise.  All in all, my experience with their service was superb and the result excellent!"
Keon Laurente, Source: Google

"Absolutely life-saving service from Ken!  When you Amazon listing goes down, he is the person to help you our, write a compelling and professional appeal that works.  In my case, within an hour, the listing was back up, really amazing!  Kenneth is easy to work with, professional, and knows his stuff!  I recommend him highly!"

Merav Knafo, Indonesia


"Great Job Kenneth. Really appreciate how quick you responded and of course the success you achieved. Kenneth is very knowledgable in this particular speciality. There is a lot of fraud out there and unfortunately it is now a necessity to hire a lawyer to handle these issues. If ecommerce sellers are experiencing illegitimate claims then please do yourself a favour and hire a professional to help you. Again, thanks to Kenneth and his team for quickly resolving our problem and we will certainly keep his contact details handy in case the need arises again."
Darryl Verdyun
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"Ken is professional, prompt, and thorough. He was able to assist me reinstating my Amazon seller account. I recommend anyone using his services. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Thank you once again Ken."
Gil Vasquez
"When my listing was banned on Amazon, I searched on internet to find Ken and another group. Ken responded promptly so I chose to go with him. The other group just showed once and never again. He is very professional and effective. He started to work on my case from the second day. He knows how to deal with the hacks. Amazon is a unfair platform for sellers. Everyone needs a lawyer to back him up. Finally Ken helped me to get my listing back. I highly recommend him. If I have problem again, I will go for him definitely."
Sylvie Huang
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"Kenneth is very knowledgegable and experienced with reinstatement of listings and other Amazon account issues.  He is always available, responsive and very efficient.  He deals with you personally.  He was able to get my listing reinstated.  I would highly recommend him to anyone.  Thank you, Kenneth!"

Tanya Peterson


"What a wonderful experience!  I contacted Kenneth over 4th of July weekend and got a very fast response in spite of it being a holiday, and the next morning I had received an early morning email asking for information about my situation so he could get started.  In several hours Kenneth had what I needed to submit to Amazon and they quickly reverse their decision and once again allowed me to start selling again.  Thank you so much, Kenneth"

Michael Belfield


"Unbelievable service!  Full support from beginning to end!  Always available for consultation throughout the whole appeal process!  Highly recommended!"

Ilan Levitin, Canada


"Amazon suspended one of my listings due to a misunderstanding on what does and does not require FDA approval.  I tried to present evidence to seller performance and got nowhere.  At that point, I called Kenneth for help getting my listing back.  He immediately worked out a plan of action and a formal email for escalation to Jeff Bezos.  Within a couple of weeks I got my listing back.  Can't thank you enough, Kenneth!"

Martha Daisley


"Kenneth was a great resource to help us get our Amazon seller account back up and running quickly!"

Jeremy Buford (Source: Google)


"I was very reluctant about hiring help online to get my Amazon account back.  Amazon is very strict and will suspend an account for even the smallest of reasons.  I went through the ASM program and even had my mentors who are very knowledgeable try to help me get my account back and I personally tried to appeal my suspension several times wtihout any avail.  I was very much invested in my Amazon business financially and losing my account affected me in a big way.  I was extremely stressed by this and when I spoke with Leito on the phone for the first time I felt so much better about my decision.  I was quick to get the ball rolling and provide them with the needed documentation and they were just as quck in getting back to me every single time without delay.  They got my account back and I am so grateful for that.  I felt that I was taken care of and I wasn't just a number.  I would recommend their services to friends and family.  Quick, professional and effective."

Jessica Hydes, source: Google


"Amazon Sellers Attorney got my suspended Amazon account back up and running in three days.  Couldn't be happier with the service.  Very professional!"

Paul Savage, source: Google


"Ken Eade helped me get my Amazon selling account and listing back online after a competitor filed a bogus inauthenticity complaint.  Ken is very knowledgeable about how Amazon works and how to respond to Seller Performance.  He is accessible (always returns calls and emails) and his rates are reasonable."

Jeffrey Sanders


"Kenneth's response was quick and I got what I needed to remove the negative notification."

Julie Thibbs


"Kenneth helped us get out of a very tricky situation with our Amazon seller account.  He is very knowledgeable of all situations that can happen with your seller account.  He knows how to write an appeal that will get your problem resolved in no time.  He is so easy to work with, incredibly fast in responding and no question goes unanswered.  He's a pleasure to work with!"

Kristi Guyer


"Kenneth was awesome and will highly recommend him to anyone who needs his service.  He was always nice and responded so quickly, even at 2 am, 3 am, and so on.  Our case was a little challenging but he fought for us like a champ and won.  We are now making money again for our family.  The best of all about his service is he doesn't charge you an arm and a leg like the other companies wanted to.  Thanks Kenneth for everything, we owe you big time."

Shaun Cameron


"My Amazon account was suspended and i was in a total shock, never thought it could happen. I started to search for a good lawyer to help me.A lot of companies wanted crazy money, plus they told me they would make 3 attempts, after that it would cost me even more and more....I found Kenneth , he was very reasonable as far as pricing, very knowledgeable and personable on a phone. I gave him a shot. He always answered every question i had, every email i sent, there was no limited attempts. He went with me till the end and my account was reinstated." 

Yana Nickels


"I am impressed with the service that this attorney provided. My Amazon account was not accessible and he made it accessible in a short amount of time. Highly recommended!! Thanks again! If we again have a problem in future we will look up to him. It was very hard for us to wait but he did it as quick as possible. Plus very trust worthy indeed. If you are having a problem with the account I recommend this guy! It doesn't take a lot of time for him to fix the account. Every penny was worth it!!!!!"



"Kenneth was very quick to respond and helped get everything sorted with my Amazon account.  Kenneth was able to get my account back up and running after a long suspension period.  Will use again for any Amazon related issues."

George Harrison

"After getting my account suspended and trying desperately to get it back myself which I couldn't, I searched everywhere for information on how to get my amazon account back. Fortunately I came across Ken's website! It was perfect timing, I emailed him immediately and within the hour he got back to me regarding my issue very promptly. Ken explained everything in detail to me on how he would be able to get my account back with such confidence. Ken exceeded all my expectations and delivered on what he promised. He was able to handle my Amazon appeal in a very much needed professional way and he got the suspension on my account lifted less than 2 weeks! Now I am able to continue my online business due to the skill and professionalism that ken brought to the table. If you're in need of help with your amazon account and want to get it back, I highly recommend Ken. He will deliver. A++."

Sandra Zepeda


"Kenneth was very knowledgeable and generous with his advice.  I am going to recommend his services to anyone in my situation.  My Amazon seller account is as healthy as before and Kenneth played a key role in that."



"Unbelievable.  Kenneth helped me for reintsatement of my seller account. I was totally hopeless and thinking I couldn't sell on Amazon forever but Kenneth came as an angel so that I can sell on Amazon and one more thing -- he is available 24/7 for help.  He is highly recommended.  Thanks again!"



"My case was a very difficult case which I already had given as almost impossible to solve.  I though I was never going to be able to sell on Amazon again.  But Kenneth did it for me.  He is also a true gentleman and answers your email ASAP."

Mariama Nyang


"Dear Amazon Sellers Family. I am non US resident, Amazon EU experienced seller. Scaling the business I decided to open US Amazon Seller Account. Over 3 months of horrible account registration process - its failed because of lack of information why Amazon didn't accept all my legal documents with the main one - Utility Bill. I lost the ideas and faith how to figure out this issue. The last chance I decided to do was Kenneth Eade cooperation. I made detailed resume of all my emails with Seller Performance. Mr. Kenneth prepared appeal which was sent. After the 12 hours my account has been reactivated. Amazed. Really Incredible. I definitely recommend Amazon Sellers Attorney as the highest professionals on the market."

Radeka Kadecki
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"Thanks to Kenneth, I managed to get my account reinstated.  I was in a difficult position, my account had been suspended for a month and I had already sent multiple plans but Amazon's response was to suspend my account and they said they will not respond to further emails regarding this matter.  However, we managed to get it reinstated with a professionally written POA and an escalation plan.  The service was amazing and the support provided was good especially when it took Amazon longer than usual, I always found support from Kenneth.  Communication was brillian with an extremely fast response on any enquiry at anytime whether by Kenneth himself or a member of his team.  Overall, it was excellent, professional and support Amazon attorney service and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs to reinstate his/her account."

Hesham Aldash, UK


"I was reinstated after almost a year of suspension!  Thank you very much!"



"What was good about this product or service overall?  I have the best seller product which is my main income, then Amazon hijacked my listing.  I tried to solve it myself but seems I got a dead end and needed help badly.  I contacted Kenneth and same day I got all what he request to start the work, it was simple.  The second day I found many emails sent out and Amazon responded fast, he mentioned that 1-3 weeks is required to finish it but guess what? It took 4 days to clear it and was perfect.  I would definitely work with him again and would suggest you to work with him as well.  Could anything have been better?  Fast response, Easy chat, taking my case as if its his own problem, said 1-3 weeks and solved in 4 days , it can never get better.  How was the support?  100% satisfied, and i suggest him for anyone, Thanks Kenneth"

Bebo, China

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"I spoke to Kenneth and he gave me a free consultation first to see if he could do it.  He said he could, I paid, next day I got my first Amazon Plan of Action.  Amazon declined it, he redid it for me and got reinstated.  Highly, highly recommended."

Global Rankings


"I was suspended by Amazon without explanation and it's like pulling teeth to get answers through Seller Support.  Luckily, I heard about Kenneth Eade.  He gave me the confidence when I thought all was lost that something could be done.  I had read reviews where it took years for some sellers to get reinstated.  In a little over a month, he had Amazon giving me permission to sell again.  I am very grateful to Ken and would not waste time or money anywhere else.  His price is very reasonable by the way.  Also what amazed me was that when I sent him a question, I literally got a response right away.  That was so impressive."

Sally Willis


"Unbelievable.  Kenneth helped me for reinstatement of my seller account.  I was totally hopeless and thinking that I couldn't sell on Amazon forever, but Kenneth came as an angel so that I can sell on Amazon and one more thing -- he is available 24/7 for help.  He is highly recommended."

Saurabh Gunjal, India


"I would like to express my gratitude to Kenneth for helping us to reactivate our account on Amazon.  We were blocked without any explanation and our efforts to communicate and receive a response from Amazon were unsuccessful.  After two weeks of waiting and multiple calls and emails, we contacted Kenneth.  He drafted a detailed letter explaining the specifics of our case and provided a plan for corrective action to prevent future violations of Amazon's agreement.  After following his directions, our account was reinstated.  We would definitely recommend his service."

Vladimir Nikolov


"Awesome job getting my Amazon account reinstated!"

Kevin Brown


"Excellent experience!  The attorney answered the call himself and was very helpful.  He is a very honest and transparent person.  I changed my mind and requested my money back, which he readily agreed.  He is not like your stereotypical attorney who is out there to grab all your money.  He is a genuine person and I contacted him again for the same issue which resurfaced.  He quickly worked on my case and sent me the documents to send to Amazon.  Guess what?  My listing was reinstated within hours.  I highly recommend his services."

Ajeet Bisen, Australia (Source: Google)


"My Amazon account was suspended and he had me up and running again in a little over 24 hours.  He was also very responsive and changed the appeal a few times based on my feedback."

Belinda Berryhill


"Mr. Eade was very informative and assisted me in having my Amazon Seller Account reinstated.  It was within a matter of two days max and it was reinstated with no questions asked!  I highly recommend his services!  I'm very glad I contacted him.  He gave me much of his time explaining everything about the process.  I can't believe it only took two days.  I had been trying for months to contact the seller performance team with no response from them at all.  It was definitely worth his fee to have my account reinstated.  Thank you!"  

Ariel Liss


"Kenneth has been great, very responsive and extremely knowlegeable in this area.  You definitely need Kenneth on your side when dealing with Amazon Seller Performance.  I know that without the help that Kenneth was able to give I would not have stood a chance at getting my Amazon account open again.  Anyone looking for help in this area should not even think twice about contacting Kenneth.  I would recommend him to anyone who has been unfortunate enough to have had to go through a similar situation with Amazon."

John Hart, Australia


"Got my account suspended for authenticity and safety claims.  Tried writing the POA myself, got nowhere.  You need professional help.  Looked around for a laywer and spoke to a few.  Then spoke to Kenneth and he gave me a free consultation to see if he can do it.  He said he could, I paid, the next day I got my first POA.  Amazon declined it, he redid it for me and got reinstated.  Highly, highly recommended."

Mark Bwowy


"Kenneth Eade helped get one of my products unblocked after I had run into some issues with a patent troll.  Kenneth was always quick to respond to all of my questions and we worked out a methodical strategy on how to deal with the situation.  I would wholeheartedly recommend him to any Amazon seller."

Sebastian Hauer


"Kenneth was an exceptional attorney.  He was extremely consise, professional and quick to respond to emails.  I would higher recomend him to those who happen to encounter issues with their Amazon accounts."

Tzachi Damon


"The situation that I found myself in with Amazon was completely devastating, and seemed all but impossible.  After being in business for less than a year, I was just beginning to catch my stride.  One afternoon I received a call from a repeat customer, notifying me that they were unable to order the product.  I tried to log in to my Amazon account, only to find that it was completely shut down.  I called Amazon and they didn't give me any information, then proceeded to tell me to contact seller performance to see what the issue was.  I then sent an email to seller perfromance and within minutes I received an email stating I was no longer allowed to sell on Amazon and if there was fraud or illegal activity they do not have to release sales or product and they would not be doing so in my case, nor were they going to tell me why.  I spoke to numerous attorneys, aread multiple articles and blog posts, all expressing situations like mine, and resolving the matter seemed all but impossible.  I was completely blindsided and had no knowledge as to what happened or how to resolve it.  Mr Eade is a very personable and knowledgeable attorney.  When I spoke with him and expressed the situation to him, without even reading their correspondence or email he was able to tell me exactly what it said.  He asked me a few questions about my business and was able to make an assessment and he was confident in his ability to get the decision reversed.  To be honestm because of the pessimism and uncertainty of all the other attorneys I had been in contact with, his confidence and optimism initially gave me pause.  I was in a situation of nothing to lose.  Mr. Eade was able to get the suspension reversed quickly and without any additional steps required.  I don't know what the future holds, but if I ever need this type of service again, I will use him every time."

Karter Blake



"I am impressed with the service that this attorney provided.  My Amazon account was locked and he made it reinstated very fast.  If we have any problem in the future, we will look up to him.  Thanks for the help!"

Maqbool Zacon


"With Kenneth's help we had our listing up and running in two days!  Compared to another service that took 7 days until they got me the first POA."

Kirsten Martin


"Great job, was with me every step of the way until my account was reinstated.  Highly recommended."

David Kassin


"Kenneth was very helpful in getting my listing reactivated. He responded quickly and is very knowledgeable. Within 2 1/2 days my listing was reactivated. What a relief! Amazon inactivated my listing over a customer complaint which I am sure was actually a competitor. Kenneth knew exactly what to do. I didn't have a clue how to solve this issue. Amazon is so hard to please. Now, I can get back to business. I feel more secure now knowing I have someone I can turn to when things turn terribly wrong with Amazon."
SJJ Depot
Found on:


"You made my life easy!  Recommended."

Sha Jee, Caprican


"What was good about this product or service overall? Communication is outstanding! 
My account has been reinstated all my money is being transferred into my account and I can now begin to sell products again on to customers nationwide to bring in income for my family!  Could anything have been better?  Not really. On his part there is nothing that needs improvement but on Amazon's part all needs to be better they are ridiculous!  How was the support? Support was great He really does do what He says He will do!"

Daniel Matthew Gullick

 Found on:


"Kenneth and his team were excellent with their services and response times regarding a trademark issue I was dealing with.  It's refreshing working with someone who is on the ball, not to mention their pricing was reasonable compared to other firms I've worked with."

Dicky Dee


"What was good about this product or service overall?  Great communication.  Could anything have been better?  All perfect.  How was the support?  It was unbelievably quick and my account got reinstated.   I’m very grateful to you and your help."

Faiza, United Kingdom

Found on:


"A big thank you to Kenneth and team for helping us get our listing reinstated.  I enjoyed working with Kenneth because he was very prompt with replies and extremely resourceful.  Thank you again."

Tom Wang


"Kenneth helped me get my account back after being shut down for more than two years.  He responds fast as well.  Highly recommended."

Daniel Ximenez


"Quick and effective service to reinstate your Amazon seller account, plus you can chat with him which is a great plus.  Great service!  Highly recommended!"

Jesse Chen


"Excellent customer services and a pleasure to work with.  Hopefully we don't have a need for this type of attorney in the future, but if we do, I'll be calling Kenneth Eade."

Shant Melkonian


"I spent almost a year looking around on how to reverse Amazon's decision.  I finally found Amazon Sellers Attorney and in less than a week the suspension was lifted.  Kenneth has been very helpful and his appeal letter was very solid.  Thanks so much and keep up the good work."

Paul Fansi


"Kenneth can answer any questions regarding an Amazon seller account, and can solve any issue.  I will come back to him again and definitely recommend him for Amazon sellers."

Minh Duong


"I had spent two months on my Amazon appeal.  In the last minute, before I gave up in desparation, I came across Kenneth's ad and gave him a try, thinking it would be better than doing nothing.  Having submitted the documents and action plan according to his instruction, I was prepared to be tormented by Amazon for a few weeks because it was my third appeal.  To my disbelief, my account was reinstated just the next day after the document submission."

Henry Tai


"Excellent Service!  I was under extreme pressure and did not know what to do.  They helped me out greatly!  The appeal was adjusted and they were there every step of the way.  Again, thanks and I highly recommend them."

Tomer Ram


"Have to say that in your hour of need Kenneth is a proven source to go to.  From minute one of our unfounded suspension Kenneth calmed us down and explained the process.  This is happening to lots of sellers and hugely costly but your dealing with a black box of information that you can't get access to Kenneth helped us get our account back up and running but it was for more than we were expecting for fee.  Highly, highly recommended."

James Smith


"A wealth of knowledge, was there every step of the way, responded to all my questions.  Very reliable."

Bhavin Tailor


"We ran into some major problems with our brand in Europe and Kenneth has been great and we're happy we found him for our Amazon issues. It took no more than 3 weeks to get everything resolved. Prior to working with Kenneth we had been working on it for more than 2 months. We'll be using him for everything related to Amazon going forward as well as recommending to everyone who sells on Amazon.
He was always available for a call and quick with emails. We felt we could fully rely on him to cut through Amazon’s red tape and get the job done."
Aditya Singh
Found on:
"DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH ANYONE ELSE. KEN IS YOUR GUY! I searched around for someone to help me with my Amazon account that was prohibited from selling for nearly 3 years. I had emailed Amazon on many occasions to no avail. I relentlessly asked them what they needed from me or what they were looking for but never got a solid answer. I began to search online for a company that might be able to help. Most of the places claiming they could help didn’t even have a phone number but I found one that looked legitimate. I called Ken's office, he picked up the phone and after talking with him he assured me this was fixable. Long story short, my account has been reactivated and he accomplished what he said he could do and did it quickly and professionally. THANKS KEN!"
Nick Feinberg
Found on:


"Kenneth is so professional.  He got my listing back.  Thanks so much!"

Audrey Yang


"Kenneth helped me get my Amazon account unsuspended after I had ran into shipment issues.  He was quick to respond to all my questions and we worked out a way to fix my Amazon account.  I would totally recommend him to any Amazon seller."

Glen Carroll


"A big thank you to Kenneth for helping us get our listing reinstated.  I enjoyed working with Kenneth because he was very prompt with replies and extremely resourceful.  Thank you again!"

Tom Wang


"If you have a problem with your Amazon account and are not getting anywhere, these are the best people to call.  I found them online.  They immediately picked up the phone and within minutes understood my problem.  I sent them the information via email and they were able to get my Amazon account reinstated very quickly.  On top of that extremely pleasant to deal with.  Highly recommended."

Varun Dinghra


"Quick and effective service to reinstate your Amazon seller account, plus you can chat with him which is a big plus.  Great service!"

Jesse Chen


"Before working with Kenneth Eade we had some really bad experiences with other "high praised attorneys". They have been fast in charging money but super slow in taking action.  It´s a completely different experience with Ken. He took immediately action (did in less than 2h what the other attorney did in 2 weeks), came up with solutions, explained everything and got our product reinstated the fastest possible way. On top he´s just a nice guy! As a Amazon Seller Reviews are obviously very important - Ken deserves nothing but 5-stars! I can definitely recommend him. He takes care of you and your business. Thanks a lot again!!
Jan Krapp, Germany
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"When my listing was banned on Amazon, I searched on internet to find Ken and another group. Ken responded promptly so I chose to go with him. The other group just showed once and never again. He is very professional and effective. He started to work on my case from the second day. He knows how to deal with the hacks. Amazon is a unfair platform for sellers. Everyone needs a lawyer to back him up. Finally Ken helped me to get my listing back. I highly recommend him. If I have problem again, I will go for him definitely."
Sylvie Huang
Found on:
"Thank you so much for getting my listing reinstated from a Global company whom I will not mention.  Before finding Mr. Eade, the first company I paid was not able to get my listing reinstated.  The second company I contacted did not want to touch the case due to it being such a large global brand I was going up against.  Mr. Eade was literally an Amazon angel sent from God.  He worked swiftly and very professionally.  He kept me up to date every step of the way.  Initially, the notice department rejected our appeal, but he immediately escalated the case to Amazon's legal department.  About three days later, I had all ASINs reinstated.  Mr. Eade knows his stuff and I would personally recommend him to any seller who needs assistance with appeals.  He is one of the nicest and most hard working people I have ever met, and he truly cares about getting you up and running as soon as possible.  He took my case as if it were his and would not let me get bullied by the global brand I mentioned.  Mr. Eade, you are awesome and I appreciate you so so much.  I officially crown you the "Amazon Reinstatement Guru."
Jonathan Curtis
(Source Google)
"I was feeling very upset and anxious when I received an email from Seller Central saying my listing had been withdrawn.  I contacted Amazon Sellers Attorney and within 24 hours, I was back up and running again.  True genius.  Thank you."
Sam Kat
"Mr. Eade, you did a wonderful job.  Thank you."
Andrew Burt, UK
"Kenneth has been very easy to work with, along with letting you know exactly how Amazon suspension works and how to correctly talk to them in order to reinstate your account.  The costs for his services seems to be fair when taking into consideration the speed and quality.  I would definitely recommend Kenneth for your Amazon related problems."
Joon Park
"Kenneth is an expert in the Amazon minefield.  His knowledge and experience with Amazon resulted in my listing being successfully restored.  My listing was unfairly deactivated and like an impenetrable city, Amazon refused to answer emails and phone contact was impossible.  Kenneth knew how to navigate Amazon successfully.  He wrote an excellent appeal and guided me thought the whole process, all for an extremely reasonable fee.  His office was professional, kind and helpfu whenever I called and Kenneth was always quick to respond to my emails.  Kenneth is a professional and one worth keeping in your contact list." 
Sindy Bell
"Was great working with Kenneth.  Worth every cent!"
Ivan Tan, Thailand
"Kenneth helped me to reopren my Amazon Seller Account.  He was very knowledgable and easy to work with.  He is available any time, always returning my calls or writing message.  For me, Kenneth's team was very professional.  Highly recommended and would work with Kenneth again."
Kakhaber Akhobadeze Source: Google
"Kenneth was very helpful in getting my listing reactivated.  He responded quickly and is very knowledgeable.  Within 2 1/2 days my listing was reactivated.  What a relief!"
Saundra Jordan
"I was a new Amazon seller in 2011 and my account was suspended with some issues I didn't understand. I wasn't sure what to do and didn't seek for reinstatement. It's now 2018, after 7 years, I want to sell again. In March 2018, I am truly lucky to have Mr. Kenneth Eade help me out the reinstatement process. We go through the old emails from 2011, lay out a strategy then request for review. Although it took some time for Amazon to respond to our requests, I am thrilled to find out my old 7-year account is finally reinstated today. Thank you, Mr. Kenneth Eade. I can't express my gratitude enough for your efforts and knowledge that helped my small business to restart again."
Found on:
"My listing was deactivated due to a safety complaint.  I have no experience in this matter and did not want to waste time going through trial and error with Amazon and lose more sales.  I hired Kenneth immediately, he knew the exact language Amazon needed to reinstate my product.  I submitted the Plan of Action he prepared and was active within 24 hours.  I am so grateful for his help!"
Irma Lewis
"I just received an email from the escalation team that my account has been reinstated!  To sell on Amazon, you need a good attorney!  Highly recommended."
Wing Shum, Source: Google
"Great attorney for Amazon sellers, he knows what he is doing and he managed to get my ASIN reinstated!"
Viresh Autar, Source: Google
"Kenneth helped me to reopen my Amazon Seller Account.  He was very knowledgable and easy to work with.  He guided me through exactly what Amazon needed to get my account back.  He was successful with my case.  His fees were very fair and it took us three weeks to reopen the Amazon account.  He is available any time, always returning my calls or writing messages.  Highly recommended and would work with Kenneth again.  The best attorney for Amazon."
Violetta Mordukhayev  Source: Google
"I couldn't believe it when my ASC account got reinstated!  Kenneth Eade was resourceful, quick to respond to my questions, and put me in the right direction for the best chance of success.  I highly recommend using his services for any Amazon related legal matter."
Frank Sikora, source: Google
"Kenneth is an expert in the Amazon minefield.  My account was unfairly suspended.  Amazon refused to answer emails.  Kenneth knew how to navigate Amazon successfully.  He wrote an excellent appeal and guided me through the whole process, all for an extremely reasonable fee.  He was always there when I contacted him."
Leong Chung (found on Google)
"Kenneth is an amazing Amazon sellers attorney.  He carefully checked our case and provided professional advice and help with reinstating our Amazon account.  We highly recommend him and his services."
Zagros Trade
"Kenneth is a legend.  Our suspended account was up and running again in 24 hours.  Highly recommend Kenneth and his team."
Adnaan Rafique, UK (Source: Yelp)
"Our selling privileges were suspended for a policy violation and we found Kenneth and wanted to try to get our account reinstated.  Kenneth and his team were very professonal.  They wrote up a professional plan of action within 24 hours.  Amazon finally reinstated our account.  Kenneth and his team responded to our emails within hours and they really knew what to do to get our Amazon account reinstated.  We highly recommend Kenneth and his team, Amazon Sellers Attorney.
Daji Yuan (source: Yelp)
"My listing had been removed for infringement.  I tried calling Amazon, emailing Amazon, they wouldn't do anything to help me.  The seller who reported me wouldn't respond either.  I felt helpless.  I called Kenneth and right away he went to work emailing Amazon.  It was like calling in the marines.  He got my listing reinstated and I am so glad I found him.  I would recommend him to anyone."
John Bosse (Source: Google)
"Thank you very much for your very attentive and persistent work with my case, which ultimately led to a positive result -- my account was reopened by Amazon!
Andrei Glouchak (Source: Google)
"Thank you so much Mr. Kenneth Eade!  My Amazon account was reinstated after being suspended for inauthentic/counterfeit for four months.  I never thought I would be able to get my account back because there are so many negative posts saying that you are toast.  But Kenneth told me from the beginning that he can help and he actually did it.  Thank you, thank you!!!
Andy Wang (source: Google)
"I am an Amazon seller, a rookie. After selling 80% of my first Amazon product inventory, 6 months roughly, Amazon restrained my product and cancelled the listing because they identified my product as being in the restricted products list.  After numerous appeals at Amazon Seller Support and looking for legal assistance from some lawyers, who denied my request for help as having no chances or being outside their profiles, I finally found Amazon Sellers Attorney and Mr. Kenneth Eade.  Mr. Eade listened to me and said my product will be reinstated. He submitted an appeal to Amazon and the product was reinstated after less than 48h! Amazing! I almost lost my hope! All this for an affordable fee! I wish I found him a month earlier!  I warmly recommend Amazon Seller Attorney!"
Adrian Vizireanu, Romania
Found on:

nd took 3 weeks but finally received a response and am now reinstated! He and his team have fast response times, talk with you, give you statistics from past issues they solved, and I’ve been happy with his services from start to finish. I would recommend him, his pricing is fair and he will help you until the matter is solved."

Jared Bench
Found on:
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