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           AMAZON LISTING REMOVAL APPEALS (ASIN Suspension Reinstatement)


Amazon Sellers Attorney has helped many clients who have had their Amazon listing removed.  Amazon removes listings for many things, including inauthentic claims, customer complaints about safety, and allegations that you have listed a product that is restricted or violates Amazon's policies.  Some sellers have invested thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in inventory that is, all of a sudden, unsaleable due to Amazon's caprice.  An experienced Amazon Sellers Lawyer can write the appeal and plan of action to get your listing reinstated.  Call now or use the form below for a free consultation on Amazon listing removal or an Amazon listing supressed.  


"Amazon Sellers Attorney Ltd. got our 40 products reinstated on Amazon.  Without them, I believe we would still be fighting to reinstate our products.  There was a big company claiming we were infringing on their patent and Amazon Sellers Attorney too our information and got Amazon to realize we were not infringing on their patent and we are now able to sell all our 40 ASINs,  Thank you so much!"                      William Peterson, Source: Google                     "I received a "used sold as new" complaint from Amazon and I knew the complaint was due to Amazon reselling returned product to another buyer.  I sent a POA to Amazon and got rejected twice.  I found Amazon Sellers Attorney when I was googling a solution for this.  They are very professional and very good about what they do.  I sent the POA they prepared for me and my listing was reinstated within hours.  I would highly recommend Amazon Sellers Attorney to other sellers in need of help from an attorney."                                                                Alan S, Source: Google                               "We cannot say enough about the professionalism and responsiveness of Kenneth.  We've worked with Kenneth on an IP case, where he was able to disprove the competitor's claim.  We've also worked with him on a complex delisting case and he was successful after a significant amount of work.  I would highly recommend Kenneth to my colleagues in the Amazon e-commerce business.  Great to have him on our team!" John Spellman                                             "We received a complaint about used sold as new from Amazon and I knew the complaint was due to Amazon reselling the products to other buyers.  I sent a POA to Amazon and got rejected twice.  I founds Amazon Sellers Attorney when googling a solution for this.  They were very professional and very good about what they were doing.  I sent the POA that they prepared for me and my listing got reinstated within hours."                         Albert Teng, source: Google                        "Excellent experience!  The attorney answered the call himself and was very helpful.  He is a very honest and transparent person.  I changed my mind and requested my money back, which he readily agreed.  He is not like your stereotypical attorney who is out there to grab all your money.  He is a genuine person and I contacted him again for the same issue which resurfaced.  He quickly worked on my case and sent me the documents to send to Amazon.  Guess what?  My listing was reinstated within hours.  I highly recommend his services."          Ajeet Bisen, Australia (Source: Google) "My listing had been removed for infringement.  I tried calling Amazon, emailing Amazon, they wouldn't do anything to help me.  The seller who reported me wouldn't respond either.  I felt helpless.  I called Kenneth and right away he went to work emailing Amazon.  It was like calling in the marines.  He got my listing reinstated and I am so glad I found him.  I would recommend him to anyone."                     John Bosse (Source: Google)                           "I don't think there is anyone else better qualified for this job. I had aggressive Amazon listing hijackers taking over my listing and even blocking me out of my own listing. I tried dealing with this myself for over a month, and got to a point where I almost gave up because I was getting nowhere with them. Even hired someone else and paid her $300, with no results.  I found Kenneth and he not only got rid of all hijackers, he managed to get my listing reinstated within 2-3 days. Had I used him from the beginning I would have saved a lot more money, time and frustration.  Everyone else says to just hire Kenenth if you have Amazon problems. Yeap... I second that. Just go ahead and work with him. Even it it might seem a bit expensive at first, trust me, he overdelivers. Awesome communication, and the letters to Amazon were written in a very professional way. Those guys from Amazon seller performance team don't think they knew what hit them." Romy Banicu                                               "Absolutely life-saving service from Ken!  When you Amazon listing goes down, he is the person to help you our, write a compelling and professional appeal that works.  In my case, within an hour, the listing was back up, really amazing!  Kenneth is easy to work with, professional, and knows his stuff!  I recommend him highly!" Merav Knafo, Indonesia                "Kenneth is very knowledgeable and experienced with reinstatement of listings and other amazon account issues. He is always available, responsive and very efficient. He deals with you personally. He was able to get my listing reinstated. I would highly recommend him to anyone. His fee is very reasonable as compared to other lawyers who do not deal personally with you. Thank you Kenneth! I can confidently say that I could not get better service than what Kenneth provided. He really cares.  He was outstanding."                                                  Weiver



Amazon Listing Hijackings from Kenneth Eade on Vimeo.


"I came to Kenneth for taking down a hijacker on my Amazon listing and the issue got solved in a week after he filed the report.  Myself and the lawyer I previously hired spent 4 months on this case and weren't able to remove the hijacker.  I was very impressed with Kenneth's work."

Roger Shih (source: Google)


"Excellent experience!  Kenneth Eade is very knowledgable and experienced with taking down a hijacker on my Amazon listings and other Amazon account issues.  Definitely recommend him to everyone."

Alina Rogers (source: Google)


If you are experiencing good sales and have a large number of reviews, you run the risk of Amaon listing hijackers hijacking your listing.  Listing hijacking is relatively easy, and occurs when a seller changes the details of your private label listing, and, using a generic or knocked off product, steals away all of your sales.  Sellers must be pro-active to prevent Amazon listing hijacking as well as other unfair business practices of competitors.  An Amazon sellers attorney can help you protect your products with:


Trademark and copyright protection


Intellectual property infringement (trademark infringement and copyright infringement) is on the rise and especially prevalent on Amazon.  An Amazon sellers attorney can help you with cease and desist letters, copyright and trademark infringement notices and even litigation to safeguard your brand.  Protect your brand with intellectual property registration.  Amazon doesn't enforce MAP Pricing, but protecting your product with intellectual property and brand policing will help.  This is relatively inexpensive, and can save you thousands of dollars in lost sales as well as avoid Amazon seller account suspensions.  An Amazon seller lawyer can represent you in registering your trademark, organizing your corporation or LLC, and protecting your company name and product brands.

Amazon Brand Registry


An Amazon sellers attorney can help you qualify to list your brand in Amazon's brand registry, which will give you enhanced exposure and brand protection.  We can file for your trademarks in the US and the EU.  Call us now!

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