Amazon Seller Suspensions and Appeals

"Attorney Kenneth Eade helped me to reinstate my account after three months of suspension.  He helped me to draft an email to send to Jeff Bezos.  Finally, he decided to also send a fax to Amazon's legal department.  After that, Amazon reinstated my account.  He knows what he is doing to help his client."

Arthur Yanik, Source: Google

Reinstate your Amazon seller account


Having your Amazon seller account suspended can be a horrible experience.  One moment, you are in business and taking orders, and the next moment, your Amazon selling account is suspended with little or no notice and you are out of business and the funds in your seller account frozen.  If an Amazon employee believes you have violated their selling policies, your seller account will be deactivated and your selling privileges could be removed forever.  To top it off, Amazon will provide little or no guidance as to why your account was suspended and won't discuss it with you.  Don't be tempted to hit that appeal button right away!    You need to address all of the specific points in their allegations and tell them the procedures you plan to put into place to make sure that another violation does not take place.  We can help you.  Reinstating your Amazon seller account is our number one priority.


Amazon Sellers Attorney addresses Amazon seller suspensions from a legal standpoint to reinstate your Amazon seller account right away.  An Amazon appeal specialist will perform a thorough investigation of your Amazon selling account to ascertain the best approach to prepare your Amazon plan of action, which we guarantee delivery in 48 hours or less.  No matter what the reason behind your Amazon suspended seller account, we can handle it!  We are specialists in Amazon reinstatement for policy violation.




Custom writter Amazon appeal letter and plan of action


Your Amazon seller account has been suspended and we are not going to waste your time and precious resources by providing a template for your appeal.  Amazon's seller performance team will recognize a template.  We will provide you with a comprehensive Amazon appeal plan of action tailored to your particular situation.  Call or email now for a free evaluation and online consultation on the deactivation of your Amazon seller account.  We can help appeal the removal of selling privileges.  You need an experienced Amazon sellers attorney to draft your Amazon suspension appeal letter and a precise Amazon appeal plan of action to address your suspension.  An Amazon sellers lawyer is your best bet to get your Amazon suspended account reinstated.  


If Amazon or any other online selling site has suspended your seller account and allows you to appeal, they don't want to hear excuses or arguments about the validity of the suspension.  They want you to identify and admit the violation of their policies, identify what the issues were that caused the suspension, and to propose a definite and concrete plan of action how to prevent future policy violations.  Oftentimes, you only get one shot to state your plan of action, so call us before you press the button send out that appeal letter yourself!  An experienced Amazon sellers lawyer can formulate a comprehensive and effective Amazon plan of action for the reinstatement of your selling privileges to help you get your seller account back.


Amazon may not be very particular about all the reasons behind your suspension, but we will study your business, your account statistics and  the emails from the seller performance team which will allow us to craft an Amazon action plan that is particular to your situation and covers everything for the best chances at account reinstatement.


Suspension for Forged or Manipulated Documentation


When Amazon asks for invoices to authenticate products or product category gating, be careful!  This is a new alert that has seen many sellers suspended and Amazon is in the process of cracking down.  Since it is new, the machines are very sensitive and have often flagged sellers for suspension who are merely highlighting ASINs on invoices or redacting prices, both of which are allowed by Amazon's selling policies, but have resulted in suspensions.  I have helped many clients who are wrongfully suspended for this recover their accounts.  Here are some  tips on how to avoid suspension for manipulated documents:


1.  Never alter any documents you send to Amazon.

2.  Even though Amazon allows you to redact prices and highlight invoices on invoices, a good practice is to produce the original invoice as well as the redacted one, and clearly explain the highlight is to identify the ASIN.

3.  Do not ever use a third-party service to qualify for approval to sell a product in a certain category.  These are often fakes.


                                           Inauthentic item suspensions


The most common reason Amazon deactivates a seller account is customer complaints of inauthenticity.  There are many root causes of this type of suspension, but the most common is lack of quality control over sourcing.  Sellers who cannot present invoices from an authorized wholesaler of the brand and sellers who perform retail arbitrage are at a disadvantage, but, even in cases where you cannot present invoices, your chances of seller account reinstatement are about 70%.  Contact Amazon Sellers Attorney now for a consultation with your Amazon appeal experts.





Help! Amazon Suspended my Seller Account


Amazon considers selling on their site a "privilege." This selling privilege can be taken away by them at will. However, if they give you the opportunity to appeal, you may file a plan of action which identifies the policy violations, the root causes of the policy violations, your resolution of the violations, and a plan to prevent future violations. If accepted, Amazon’s Seller Performance Team will reinstate a seller account. Typically, the cases we see fit in several defined categories:

Inauthentic or counterfeit products:

This can be selling knock offs, or the genuine product without sufficient authorization to resell. Often sellers will buy products from eBay or close-out sales and then wonder why Amazon does not accept their invoices as provenance. They must buy from a wholesaler authorized by the brand owner, with rights of resale. And there is another scenario where competitors, trying to knock the competition out will make false counterfeit or inauthentic claims to eliminate their competition. There are two resolutions to these types of complaints:

a. Provide the invoices from an authorized wholesale distributor and a plan of action; or
b. Permanently delete the offending product, offer a refund to customers, and file a plan of action.

Amazon has formed a dragnet to try to eliminate counterfeiters which has trapped many third-party sellers who actually do have resale rights to genuine products. These sellers are put through the listing or account suspension process along with the counterfeiters, and the result can put legitimate business out of business. One client of mine, who holds the sole, exclusive rights to market a national sports brand in the United States, was recently suspended from selling authorized, genuine products on the erroneous grounds that it was selling counterfeits, and the matter had to be escalated to Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, because the Seller Performance division did not accept a legitimate license agreement as proof.

Intellectual property infringement:

These are typically copyright or trademark violations. These complaints can often be settled by sending an attorney letter to the rights owner, offering to give written assurances not to sell their product and a deletion of the product from the seller’s inventory.

Poor seller performance:

This consists of late shipping, order defects (damaged products either by poor inventory quality control or damaged during shipping), cancelling orders before they are fulfilled. These matters are solved with quality control programs written in the plan of action that sellers can also follow as a business practice. A lot of sellers are uneducated or don't have a command of the English language and have difficulty communicating with customers. This accounts for many poor selling practices.

Related accounts:

It is against Amazon's policies to have more than one account and sellers often get suspended because they open another account under a different name or company, with a different computer, or with a relative, etc. The Amazon database is very good. It coordinates many pieces of data to match one account to another, such as: ISP address, the same computer, same office or home address, same surname, same geographical location, same banking relationship and related products.

The solution in these cases is either to prove the accounts are not related, which is very difficult, or to admit the violation, promise not to do it again, and propose a plan of action to restore the former suspended account by addressing all the issues in that account.

Listing errors:

This occurs when a product does not match the detail page, variations of products are not classified correctly as parent and child products, or images or listings have information that encourages the customer to go off-site. These can be solved with a listing review and plan of action.

Review manipulation:

Since October 2016, it has been against Amazon's policies to offer any type of incentive or discount in exchange for, or in the hopes of, a positive review. Sometimes, sellers use an automatic feedback service which can be the culprit.  Lately, they have been cracking down on friends and family reviews as well.


Misuse of ratings, feedback or reviews, Misuse of Sales Rank, Misuse of Search and Browse:  

This is a new alert that has not had the bugs ironed out of it yet.  Amazon's artificial intelligence is constantly learning new data.  They will not always tell you what this is about, but most of the issues focus on  having other accounts buy your products at steep discounts to manipulate sales rankings, the use of a third-party services to stimulate sales or search position, and Facebook support groups.





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