"Our business exploded overnight and Amazon began holding all our funds.  Within a month, they were holding $80k and we were having trouble purchasing more inventory to keep up with the demand since Amazon was holding all of the proceeds of our sales.  We then read posts online that made us concerned whether Amazon would ever release the funds, and if they did, it sounded like it may take many months (or even a year) before we were paid.  We contacted Amazon Sellers Attorney to try to get some clarity on our situation to determine if it was wise to proceed, or if we needed to stop selling before we had any further issues.  They were invaluable and gave us the knowledge we needed to make a wise decision on how we should proceed -- without charging us anything for the consult.  The insights they gave us allowed us to continue selling on Amazon, quintupling our business in just one year.  We could not have done it withoiut the kind and generous advice and assistance from Amazon Sellers Attorney!"

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More than Amazon appeal services

Amazon Sellers Attorney is not just an Amazon suspension appeal service.  Appealing Amazon suspended accounts is not the only thing we do.  We are your one-stop shop for all your Amazon legal needs, whether it be an Amazon suspension appeal letter and plan of action for your Amazon seller account suspension appeal, Amazon reinstatement of account or listing (all actions required on listing removed from Amazon), Amazon intellectual property rights infringement complaints, or Amazon intellectual property counsel for Amazon intellectual property law, our Amazon seller lawyers are ready to help you right now.


There are many types of Amazon suspensions and Amazon account reviews.  Our Amazon attorneys are experts in every type of suspension and listing removal, including inauthentic item suspension appeals, related account suspensions, infringement, product quality suspension appeals, violations of seller code of conduct, safety complaints, review manipulation, high order defect rate (ODR), used sold as new, late shipment rate (LSR), not as advertised or not matching the detail page, counterfeit, improper variations, and all other types of suspensions.  Call us now for a free Amazon suspension consultation.  We also can handle any of your Amazon seller account legal needs, such as brand-gating support, trademark registration, and design and utility patent registration.


Our services are outlined below, and run the gamut of Amazon appeal suspensions for Amazon reinstatement, including Amazon appeal letters.  But we are not just an Amazon appeal service.  We are a full service firm that not only takes care of Amazon account suspension appeals.  We also take care of removing listing hijackers, branding and brand protection, and abitration to sue Amazon.  Call us now for a free Amazon appeal consultation with an Amazon lawyer.  








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