Amazon Seller Account Closed for Fraud or Illegal Activity, Related Accounts

Is your Amazon Seller Account closed for no reason?  Some sellers wake up to find they cannot log into their Amazon seller account, and then they receive a cryptic message from Amazon Seller Performance that their account has been closed, that they will not reveal the reasons of the suspension for privacy reasons, and that if the account was found to have engaged in fraud or illegal activity, Amazon will permanently withhold payments.  Amazon will suspend an account for being related to another seller account that cannot be used to sell on its site, violations of import or export laws, or manipulated reviews, forged or manipulated invoices, misuse of search and browse feature, and/or misuse of sales ranking.


If you find yourself in this situation, all is not lost.  Call us immediately for a free consultation.


"The situation that I found myself in with Amazon was completely devastating, and seemed all but impossible.  After being in business for less than a year, I was just beginning to catch my stride.  One afternoon I received a call from a repeat customer, notifying me that they were unable to order the product.  I tried to log in to my Amazon account, only to find that it was completely shut down.  I called Amazon and they didn't give me any information, then proceeded to tell me to contact seller performance to see what the issue was.  I then sent an email to seller perfromance and within minutes I received an email stating I was no longer allowed to sell on Amazon and if there was fraud or illegal activity they do not have to release sales or product and they would not be doing so in my case, nor were they going to tell me why.  I spoke to numerous attorneys, aread multiple articles and blog posts, all expressing situations like mine, and resolving the matter seemed all but impossible.  I was completely blindsided and had no knowledge as to what happened or how to resolve it.  Mr Eade is a very personable and knowledgeable attorney.  When I spoke with him and expressed the situation to him, without even reading their correspondence or email he was able to tell me exactly what it said.  He asked me a few questions about my business and was able to make an assessment and he was confident in his ability to get the decision reversed.  To be honestm because of the pessimism and uncertainty of all the other attorneys I had been in contact with, his confidence and optimism initially gave me pause.  I was in a situation of nothing to lose.  Mr. Eade was able to get the suspension reversed quickly and without any additional steps required.  I don't know what the future holds, but if I ever need this type of service again, I will use him every time."

Karter Blake


"My Amazon account was suspended and I was on the edge of a big loss, but luckily I have found a real affordable attorney; Kenneth Eade helped me to get my account reinstated again. His service is very professional and he responds very fast. We didn’t know the reason for the suspension and Kenneth found it with the information we provided him. He escalated the communication and he solved the issue very smoothly. Knowledgable, friendly and trustable. I definitely recommend him! Save your money and time."
Ozan Atacan, Turkey
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