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Most Amazon suspension appeals done without a professional's help are denied.  There are a lot of appeal services out there, but beware!  At a comparable or even less fee, you can have a licensed lawyer help you appeal your Amazon suspended account or listing removal - from the Amazon appeal and plan of action through escalations to senior management and all the way to Jeff Bezos' office, if necessary, for the same, one-time fee of $499.  At Amazon Sellers Attorney, we don't just write an Amazon appeal letter and we never use a template.  We won't rest until your Amazon suspended account is reinstated.  You get a licensed U.S. attorney to work on your Amazon reinstatement personally - not a consultant, not a paralegal.  You get unlimited revisions and any necessary escalations as well as ongoing support and communication whenever you need it.  


An Amazon attorney can help you get your Amazon suspended seller account reinstated.  Lawyers are bound by strict ethical principles, the violation of which can cost them their licenses.  We don't take a case unless we think we can win it and most of our clients (90%)  succeed.  If, however, you don't succeed at the initial levels, we will apply your fee toward an arbitration (your final remedy), because our goal is to get your seller account reinstated!  


Amazon seller suspensions and listing removals occur because of many reasons, including intellectual property infringement, selling items which don't match the listing description exactly (such as "used sold as new"), opening multiple seller or related Amazon seller accounts, product quality or safety complaints, inauthentic products (counterfeit or lacking authorization to resell), and other reasons.  We have seen all the reasons for suspended accounts on Amazon and are ready to help you now.


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"After six years of being suspended and trying several times on my own, Ken was able to get my account back.  Very happy!"

Andre Garcia


"Five-star super attorney.  He was able to get my Amazon account reinstated within days.  Kenneth was always available 24 hours.  I highly recommend him for your Amazon issues.  Thank you, Kenneth."

Tina Fernandez


"Absolutely life-saving service from Ken!  When you Amazon listing goes down, he is the person to help you our, write a compelling and professional appeal that works.  In my case, within an hour, the listing was back up, really amazing!  Kenneth is easy to work with, professional, and knows his stuff!  I recommend him highly!"

Merav Knafo






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Suspended Account Amazon


If your Amazon account is suspended or your appeal denied and your selling privileges removed, you can appeal the Amazon suspension or denial by crafting an Amazon appeal letter which must include a comprehensive appeal plan of action. But don't hit that appeal button yet! The old adage that you only get one chance to make a first impression is very true in cases of Amazon suspension and appeals.  The first step is to find out exactly why your seller account has been suspended, and Seller Performance won't always tell you all the nuances.  It is here that an experienced Amazon sellers lawyer specializing in Internet law and account suspensions can help. We will study all the performance notifications in your account and your seller metrics, to formulate an iron-clad plan of action, which we will pursue all the way to top managment at Amazon, if necessary, to get your Amazon suspended account reinstated.  

Amazon Plan of Action

To reinstate your Amazon suspended account, you must address all of the specific points in Amazon's allegations and tell them the procedures you plan to put into place to make sure that another violation will not occur.  We can help you.  There are certain things they want to hear on an appeal of an Amazon suspension, but be careful not to use a template (there are a lot of them out there).  If the Amazon seller suspension has made an impact on your financial life, it is imperative to get the best help possible, and that is where an Amazon seller lawyer specializing in E-commerce comes in. 

Inauthentic Item Suspension & Intellectual Property Infringement 

Seller suspension occurs for many reasons, and a common one is intellectual property infringement complaints.  In the "wild west" of Internet law, many competitors will claim violation of their brand rights, trademarks and copyrights to knock you out of business.  We can help you tackle these infringement claims, which can result not only in a suspension of your Amazon selling account, but also can have legal penalties.  When we get a case, we do everyting we can to fight for the client, including calling and writing the rights owner to drop their complaint.  Contact from a lawyer makes a difference.  We can also help you protect your copyrights and trademark your brands to prevent future claims from getting your Amazon account suspended.





I started Amazon Sellers Attorney to give Amazon sellers a fighting chance, after my own seller account was unfairly suspended.  For your Amazon appeal, you need a lawyer who knows how to write a winning appeal and plan of action.  With over 30 years' experience in litigation, business and intellectual property law, I'm here to help you and I won't give up on you until you reach the resolution you deserve!  Call now for a free consultation on your appeal and plan of action or other e-commerce issue.  

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Amazon suspension and appeal including all necessary escalations
499.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Amazon appeal letter and plan of action, including escalations to higher management.


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Arbitration flat fee
3,500.00 USD

Arbitration fee for cases less than $75,000 in controversy.

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